We are your specialist and expert in digitizing, storing, managing, enriching and developing software for maintaining your collections.

Botton to Digitizing
Botton to  Digitising
Photos, books, microfilm, negatives, postcards, posters or slides? Film, Video or Audio? Herbarium sheets perhaps? Picturae offers professional tailored solutions for digitizing your unique collection(s).
Botton to  Development, Storage & Hosting
Botton to  Development, Storage & Hosting

Professional, innovative and easy to use software solutions, website design and online platforms. Developed specifically for and with the heritage sector. Sharing your digital collection has never been so easy and in reach.


Because digital conservation and preservation of history is what we are good at.

Botton to  2D & Negatives
Photos, books, microfilms, slides, negatives, glass negatives, postcards, posters and many other materials. We offer professional and tailored solutions for digitizing your unique collections.
Botton to  Audiovisual
Professional solutions for digitizing your Film, Video and Audio carriers such as; Super 8, 8 to 35mm, VHS, Hi8, Video8, U-Matic, BetacamSP, LPs, 1/4" tape and audio cassettes.
Botton to Herbarium

Innovative, professional and automated solutions for digitizing small and large-scale herbarium collections. We have a one-of-a-kind solution: the herbarium digistreet.

Development, Storage & Hosting

Because making more of your digital collection is our passion and expertise.

Botton to Development
Botton to Development
Professional, innovative and accessible software solutions, website design and online platforms. Developed specifically for and with the heritage sector. Sharing your digital collection has never been so easy and convenient.
Botton to Collection Management
Botton to Collection Management
User-friendly and professional solutions for managing your digital collections. The Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, specially developed for the heritage sector, so you can make the most of your collection.
Botton to Storage & Hosting
Botton to Storage & Hosting
Secure, sustainable and cost effecient storage solutions for your digital collection(s). We seriously take care of your master files. So you can share your collection online without any worries.

World Class Rapid Digitization of Cultural Heritage

Our company

Picturae has one goal: to help the heritage sector (archives, museums, libraries, etc.) in a professional way to present its digital collections. With two constants: high quality for a reasonable price.

Picturae Headquarters


Pictura, originated in 1998, consisted originally out of two separate companies being Pictura Imaginis and Pictura Database Publishing. An investment by Endeit Capital (the investment firm of Joop van den Ende and Hubert Deitmers) in 2011 made it possible to realize our growth ambitions, both nationally as well as internationally. Working closely together and to be prepared for further expansion, our two innovative group companies merged mid-2012 and continued with one new company name, being Picturae (plural Latin of Pictura). To further broaden our proposition with the digitization of audio-visual material, we acquired the Amsterdam based company Supersens early 2013. To centralize all activities and to improve efficiency we moved all activities to one new location in Heiloo at the beginning of 2015. As a next step, MicroFormat Systems, well-known since 1993 for its Metamorphic projects and the digitization of Microfilm and –fiche, was acquired in January 2017.


Picturae is certified for ISO ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management) ISO 27001:2017 (Information Security) and ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental) ISO Standards. Each year, an independent party judges all of our procedures. However, to us the ISO certification is more than just a plaque on the wall. Safeguarding quality, sustainability and information security is a task for the whole company and every employee is aware of the importance. Therefore our customers can rely on our high quality. The ISO checkup is a great way to test whether we can guarantee and fulfill this trust.
Obtained ISO certificates
Partnership with Picturae


Picturae has a lot of experience. However, only due to our business partners we can guarantee the best solution for our customers in every phase of their projects. Picturae collaborates with, i.a., Alpere Technologies and Data Esperto for data entry and content enrichment, with Alembo for transcribing Herbaria collections. Also, we are partner of Kakadu Software (world leader in JPEG2000 technology). Additionally, we cooperate with web agencies, camera suppliers as PhaseOne and partners in ICT and infrastructure such as EuroFiber


Picturae is looking for new talent. Motivated people who want to contribute to further expanding of our activities. At Picturae, you work in an inspiring environment with creative colleagues. We use the latest photographic and scanning equipment and create the most beautiful websites. Picturae is highly customer oriented. Do you want to be a part of the picturae team? Please contact us.
Vacancies at Picturae


A few of our successfull project of the past twenty years digitalization and development

News & Agenda

The latest updates, and where can you find us in the near future?

Milestone digitization of book collections

Milestone digitization of book collections

Following four years of close cooperation between the National Library of Scotland and Picturae, we are pleased to announce that more than 3 million pages have been digitized as of the beginning of April, 2018. ​That’s nearly a thousand meters of...

FIAT/IFTA World Conference 2018

FIAT/IFTA World Conference 2018

This year we will attend the FIAT/IFTA World Conference in Venice, Italy from 9-12 October 2018. For more info see We hope to see you there!...

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