Our customers

We work with exceptional national and international clients within the heritage sector; including archives, museums, libraries and research institutions.

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National and international

Who are our customers?

Our clients are experts in their collections. They want to preserve their materials sustainably and make them accessible to a world-wide audience. Given our experience and expertise in digitizing and hosting heritage materials on a large scale, we are eager to bring this vision to reality. Will you be our next customer? We look forward to coupling your intimate knowledge of your collection with our passion for the preservation of cultural heritage. Together with our innovative team, we will create effective technical solutions that align with your institution’s goals.

We are proud to work with regional clients such as the Amsterdam City Archives, Naturalis, the Van Gogh Museum, the International Institute of Social History and other local archives. Internationally, the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC, the German Sudwestrundfunk, The Royal Botanical Garden in Sydney, and UNESCO in Paris are just a few examples of our valued partners.

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Customization on a large scale

Why do customers choose us?

  • No other company can handle such valuable historical collections on this large of a scale.
  • We digitize with attention to detail, and genuinely appreciate the character of your specific collection.
  • We have extensive experience in how to successfully store a collection online and make it widely accessible.
  • We love to play with technology, so if there is not a suitable solution available, we’ll make our own!
  • Our solutions for digitizing natural history collections are on the forefront of newly developed technologies.
  • We work on location, at home in the Netherlands and abroad.
Always an IT solution ready

A specialized workflow for each collection

You know everything there is to know about your archive or collection. From the risks and rewards involved in digitizing, to the needs of scientists in your field who want to analyze the collection, we find a partnership in every customer relationship. Working together, we will arrive at the best option for digitizing, managing, and unlocking the potential of your unique collection. We are excited to combine your expertise with ours - a deep passion for digitization and for creating technical solutions that meet all of your needs.