University of Gothenburg first Swedish herbarium to use mass digitization


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Herbarium GB is a common research infrastructure at the University of Gothenburg, located at the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences. It has a large collection of dried plants, fungi and algae for comparative and evolutionary studies.

Now they take the next step when Herbarium GB moves to "Natrium", the new house that will be shared with the remaining natural science colleagues at the University of Gothenburg. A completely new and modern herbarium has been built to be able to house the collections, which include approximately 1.1 million dried specimens from all corners of the world. They also take the opportunity to digitize parts of the collections. 400.000 herbarium sheets are being scanned, a work that is in full swing with the help of the Dutch company Picturae, specialists in the field.
Picturae photographs, with the help of a conveyor belt solution, 6000 herbarium sheets a day. So far, approximately 300.000 sheets of the total of 400.000 have been scanned and packed, says Claes Gustafsson, manager of the Herbarium. 

At the speed they are working now, all 400.000 sheets will be scanned and ready to put online at the end of June. Making it the first Swedish herbarium to use this kind of mass digitization. 

This way people from all over the world are just a click away from gathering information about all kinds of specimens.


Gotenborg University herbarium