Digitizing collections

Picturae digitizes everything from books, maps and photo archives, to fragile herbarium specimens, brittle negatives, microforms and glass slides. From natural history collections to municipal archives, large scale or small, we will digitize your items at our headquarters in the Netherlands or New Jersey, or set up on location anywhere in the world - from Paris to Sydney! 

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Digitizing collections


digitize collections now to stop degradation of items
Stop time...

Digitize now!

Time causes irreversible degradation of items like photos, films, letters and herbaria specimens. Stop time and bring your cultural heritage into an interactive and dynamic future by contacting Picturae! We digitize carefully, yet at a high speed - all the while maintaining the strictest international standards of image quality.

High quality, at high speed....FADGI and Metamorfoze

Picturae’s renowned high-quality digitization practices are based in the Metamorfoze guidelines. These guidelines are intended for the rapid, mass digitization of two-dimensional materials, primarily from the cultural heritage sector. We are happy to help you along in the process from first inquiry to final delivery.


Digitization of collections based on Metamorfoze guidelines
Digitization collections quality and standards
Attention to detail, commitment to care....

Quality and standards

We are trusted with your priceless collections - a responsibility we do not take lightly. We are committed to safeguarding these irreplaceable items as we capture and deliver high quality images to preserve them for generations to come. Whether we help to arrange shipment to one of our scan centers, or set up shop at your institution, we also comply with all local laws and regulations for the smoothest collaboration possible.

Innovative solutions...

Digitization is truly custom work

Our systems and solutions are specially designed for the best imaging results possible. A unique workflow is developed to reflect each individual project. Yet beyond digitization, we also offer tools for collection management, as well as hosting capabilities. We can help make your collections as accessible as possible - smart, secure, and easy to search! 

Digitization innovative solutions
Digitize archives
Bringing archives to life...

Enrich your collection

Picturae can help enrich your archival collections with the addition of metadata, text recognition (OCR), machine learning (AI), and/or barcoding services. Our development team members  work tirelessly on innovative solutions to bring you more options in applying data to your collections. We are ready to provide any level of data transcription with our signature, high production output and attention to detail.

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