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We believe that we can succeed in the future having learned lessons from the past. We can help the world move forward by making as many of our histories digitally accessible as possible.

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What we doMaking our rich global history accessible to the digital community

Over the past 20 years, Picturae has built an international reputation as a leader in the field of digitization, and in preserving, managing and enriching culturally significant historical collections across the globe. With the development of our own software and applications, we are constantly innovating our strategies to make valuable heritage information accessible to all.

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Custom qualityTech gets hands-on

At Picturae we combine a dedication to cultural heritage with a passion for technology. We may design state-of-the-art digitization systems, but our true strength lies in mechanical ingenuity. We thrive in creative, inventive customization. An employee who orders their own circuit board because they want to continue working on a solution at home - that is Picturae. Inventive, hands-on, and enthusiastic.

Imagine PicturaOnno Zaman

Picturae, then without -e, was founded in 1997 by sculptor and photographer Onno Zaman. He built Picturae from a background in product photography, a proclivity for art and image, and a truly entrepreneurial heart. Picturae's roots are in Heiloo, the Netherlands. We quickly realized a need to display the collections that we were digitizing to the world. Our software team was established, and became the cornerstone of every service package. A decade later, Picturae began to attract international attention. Digitization projects in France, the UK and the United States definitively secured a global foothold for the company.

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Investment fundKarmijn 

In 2018, Karmijn management acquired the company from the then shareholders. The aim of Karmijn remains to support the current management in further international expansion and innovation.