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Picturae offers Cultural Heritage Institutions various solutions to presenting their collections to the public. The products listed below represent a selection. From this basis each website is designed and adopted according to client requirements. This allows maximum freedom to combine quality with cost efficiency.

Image bank

A solution that makes image collections accessible and enables them to be published. The image bank may include items such as photographs, maps and prints, as well as film and audio files. For example:

  • Ga het na belonging to the Nationaal Archives of the Netherlands
  • The imagebank belonging to the Amsterdam City Archives


In the field of genealogy, Picturae offers the possibility to search for ancestors or browse through records, efficiently searching through millions of personal details within a split second. For  examples please see the following websites:

List of Archives

The way the list of archives works is based on the International EAD Standard. The entire archive, including records, appendices and scans, is presented to the public using this search and presentation layer. You can find examples of these lists on the following websites:

Periodical viewer

The periodical viewer can search through millions of newspaper pages in a hundredth of a second, displaying the results by highlighting the terms used in the search query.  The following websites contain periodical viewers:

Book viewer

Atlases, photo albums and children's books are just some examples of the types of material that can best be displayed in the book viewer. It is also possible to link metadata or media to books or pages. For examples of book viewers please browse through these websites:

Online shop

Is there a businessplan for the website? Picturae's online shop connects seamlessly to the published products, so that your customers can order downloads or prints directly via your website. Scanning-on-demand is also available. Please visit the webshop belonging to:

Het Noordhollands Archief



OpenSkos was developed in collaboration with CATCHPlus, the Government-run Project for Cultural Heritage, and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. The application was designed to enable the complete and sustainable management and use of thesauruses, taxonomies and keyword lists.


Picturae developed this Open Source application for the management of EAD documents in collaboration with the National Archives of the Netherlands.

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