‘World Class Rapid Digitization of Cultural Heritage’

Heritage Umbrella

Picturae has developed the Roernet website, a portal for the cultural heritage of Roermond and Roerdalen


Heritage Portal

The purpose of Roernet is to perform an ‘umbrella’ function for all existing and future initiatives in the heritage field: an internet site where the history of Roermond and Roerdalen comes together with images, sounds, stories and links to associations. In addition to a website where the cultural heritage of the region can be presented, Roernet is also intended as an umbrella website in which cooperation between the library and different schools is encouraged


Making Heritage Accessible

The 'Roernet' project is an initiative of the Basisbibliotheek Bibliorura Foundation with the support of a grant from the province of Limburg for library renovation. The participants may digitise and provide accessibility to the various sources themselves, together with support from Bibliorura Basisbibliotheek and the staff of the municipal archives in Roermond. Sources consist of photographs, films, audio clips and documents. Roernet has at least 90 participants, including carnival clubs, museums, local history groups, civic guards and various foundations.

www.roernet.nl was launched on Sunday, March 3 amongst great interest. The website has been connected to the Limburg Heritage site, and from here it will also be connected to Europeana, the international database.