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One database for all the Citizens of Groningen!

'AlleGroningers' (all citizens of Groningen) is a website with an extensive database making information about baptisms, marriages and burials up to 1811 in Groningen available to the public. Picturae was responsible for the implementation of this project.

The AlleGroningers database is one of the biggest genealogical databases in the Netherlands. The baptism, marriage and burial records, as well as the Marital Status public documents of no less than 8.3 million people may be found there. GEDCOM (Genealogical Data Communication) is used within the database, and makes it innovative. It is a text format that is the default for data exchange between most genealogy programs and systems. A GEDCOM file is easily accessible, because it consists of plain text and may thus be edited by any text editor. The implementation of GEDCOM allows users to download and read genealogical data easily using their own software. It is designed to support end users with genealogical research.


Website AlleGroningers

But AlleGroningers won't just stop here. In the coming years, all baptism, marriage and burials records to 1811 and all public documents from the Civil Registry will be available online. In addition, there will soon also be portrait photos, films and audio material relating to the people concerned. Moreover, it will be possible for members of the public to introduce additional information, stories or anecdotes. AlleGroningers will be replete with additional interesting information, including 'memories van successie', documents relating to inheritance, marriage contracts and deeds.

Groninger Archives

The initiator of AlleGroningers is the Regional Historic Centre Groninger Archives. This is an information centre for the history of the city and province of Groningen. Archives, books, newspapers, maps, photographs, films, videos and sound recordings tell the story of Groningen from the Middle Ages to the present day.

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