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Nederlands Fotomuseum
Hans Aarsman | Nederlands Fotomuseum

The Treasury of the Dutch Photo Museum

The archives of the Dutch Photo Museum in Rotterdam house a veritable treasure trove of over a century of Dutch photography. Picturae has digitised a large number of these photographs, which may be seen on the image bank on the site.

Nederlands Fotomuseum
Bertien van Manen | Nederlands Fotomuseum

Browsing from your PC

To browse an archive you do not even have to leave your house. You can do a search by theme, photographer, period or place name, and it is now even possible to create your own web exhibition! You can choose a theme from Dutch history or culture that you know a lot and get straight to work.

If you select photos, write interesting accompanying texts and send your proposal to the museum, then your 'visual story' will be viewed by other enthusiasts. Allow themes such as 'brave cyclists' to inspire you, combining image and text in an beautiful art form that is both historically accurate and very entertaining.


Nederlands Fotomuseum
Cas Oorthuys | Nederlands Fotomuseum

There are currently 150 files in the air- conditioned depots of the museum, containing three million negatives and a large number of slides, prints and documents about the life and work of Dutch photographers, both amateurs and professionals. Every original is unique and therefore requires a unique approach. This begins by finding the optimal process for the originals to be digitised in a way that is safe, but also economically viable. Picturae can make an inventory of all the types of original material to be analysed on location. This allows a good insight into how the process should be arranged, as the price is linked to the inventory.

Picturae considers it an honour that an institution such as the Dutch Photo Museum should entrust us to digitise their highly valuable negatives.