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Het Pier Pander Museum
Pier Pander Museum

A Panoramic View of the Works of Pier Pander

The Frisian sculptor Pier Pander (1864-1919) is considered to be the most prized Dutch sculptor of his time. Thanks to Picturae, beautiful images of his work can be enjoyed in all their glory on the Dutch Pier Pander Museum website.

Het Pier Pander Museum
Pier Pander Museum

The Project

Picturae has photographed the sculptures from various archival collections from Smallingerland and the Leeuwarden Historical Centre on location using 360⁰ 'roundshots'. The images are stored, with the relevant description, in the Memorix Beeldbank. All images have been made accessible to the public using Memorix Themes.

Images are grouped together according to themes such as, 'storage', 'coins' , and 'children's portraits'. In order to view the images using the theme viewer a theme is selected from the gallery.

All associated images are presented in that gallery, so allowing the virtual visitor to enjoy these beautiful images with simplicity. A selected image may be presented in two ways. It is possible either to enlarge the smallest detail or to view the image in a maximized window.

360 ⁰ Object Photography

Picturae has developed an innovative system in which objects may be photographed automatically, allowing a large number of, for example, statues, to be processed in a short time. The platform has a turntable with a capacity of 1000 kg, and up to 60 round shot images may be taken from different viewpoints simultaneously.

More information?

Visit the Dutch Pier Pander Museum website: http://www.pierpander.nl