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Paris Photo - The Thursday

Today, Thursday November 15, start Paris Photo, the biggest photography event in the world! Picturae is also there with an own programme in its office in Paris, which is close to the office Magnum Photos in Montmartre. You can visit the exhibition of the famous Dutch photographer Kors van Bennekom and enjoy the special exhibition 'Middlesex' in collaboration with the Archive of Modern Conflict that houses in London. This includes the work of Magnum Photographer Bruce Gilden and Stephen Gill. You are more than welcome!

Kors van Bennekom
Stichting Kors van Bennekom

Kors van Bennekom

The work of the renowned Dutch photographer Kors van Bennekom is very impressive. It is characterised by a combination of innovative journalism, engagement and humor. His work is important for the imagination of the social-historic and cultural Dutch history. At Paris Photo a selection of the special photos of Kors Van Bennekom hangs in the office of Picturae in Paris. Picturae digitised a part of the extra- ordinary collection of Van Bennekom, using innovative techniques. Picturae is very proud to exhibit the work of Kors van Bennekom.


John Gundlach | AMC

The Archive of Modern Conflict – which was founded twenty years ago in London – presents with 'Middlesex' a contemporain photography project that documents London in its present time with its past. With the work of the four famous photographers Bruce Gilden ('Portraits of the city dweller'), Stephen Gill ('9-Day Dig'), Kalev Erickson ('Photographs of the landmark Gherkin building') and Antony Cairns ('Panorama of the Kingsland Road, Dalston'),  'Middlesex' shows visitors the underlying structure and inhabitants of the city.