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Royal Academy London Brings Exhibition About Manet

The Royal Academy of Arts in London will open an exhibition which will be the first ever retrospective devoted to the portraiture of Edouard Manet: Portraying Manet. The exhibition will show the entire career of this enigmatic and at times controversial artist.

Édouard Manet

Manet’s portraits are on the knife-edge of photography according to Philip Hensher. Manets’ snatched street scenes and glimpses of private moments make his portraits look like snapshots. Above that the artist loved black for a very long time. Moreover the artist is seen as an key figure in the transition period from realism to impressionism.

Manet painted his family, friends and the literary, political and artistic figures of his day. The exhibition displays more than 50 works, among them are portraits of Manet’s wife Suzanne Leenhoff, Antonin Proust, Émile Zola and Stéphane Mallarmé.

The exhibition ‘Portraying Manet’ will be open from 26 January until 14 April 2013. You can find more information on the website of the Royal Academy of Arts.