‘World Class Rapid Digitization of Cultural Heritage’

The 'Future of Photographic Archives'

The Round Table discussion 'Future of Photographic Archives' was held on the second day of Picturae's Paris Photo in the beautiful Institut Néerlandais. Experts from all field of the cultural heritage sector talked about the preservation of analog archives.

Round Table discussion
John Gundlach

During the event, a big problem for many photographers was discussed. How does ones analog or digital archive survive in the present market? Is digitisation the solution, and if so, is it necessary to digitise the whole archive?

And how can a photographer afford such a solution? Are there other ways to finance this, for example by branding or crowdfunding?

Picturae offers a complete process for digitisation and wants to give photographers the opportunity to bring collections together. For this Picturae and phographers intend to cooperate with agencies, platforms and clients. The guests of the Round Table discussion were very varied: from photographic historian Brigitte Lardinois, Susan Meiselas, director of the Magnum Foundation, and photographer Joachim Ladefoged to journalist Dirk Gebhardt, curator Anneke van Veen of the Amsterdam Municipal Archives and Martijn van de Broek, head of collections of the Dutch Photo Museum. They all shared a passion for photography.