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XXL Format

The world is opening to large formats. A part of your collection which was previously inaccessible can now be made visible and accessible. Large size originals can now be accurately digitised and presented online!

Big, bigger, biggest

In order to digitise large format originals such as posters, drawings, prints, watercolours, etchings, lithographs, and maps many obstacles need tot be confronted. Large originals often need to be digitised in sections to ensure every detail can be shown. Next the different sections are "stitched together" by the operator. Both moving the original and the "stitching process" are time consuming and  highly error prone. To solve these problems, Picturae has developed the XXL table. This table enables us to scan efficiently and without stitching errors. Not the original need to be moved, but the table's surface  itself skilfully manoeuvred under a camera until all shots have been taken.

High quality AND quantity

Large format originals often contain details with a high information density. In order for all these details to be accurately reproduced, the original is digitsed at 300 ppi actual size. The XXL table is automatically displaced until the entire original has been digitised, so forming a complete image. The high quality of individual images is ensured by positioning the original at exactly the same point, so ensuring that each digital image is optically pure and there is no danger of distortion. The XXL table allows Picturae not only to deliver high quality scans, but also in large quantities, due to the speed of this new digitising process. This means you can now easily observe details at the centre of a map or drawing.

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XXL Formats