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Picturae | Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

360° Photography

Objects in a museum, buildings, even the employees of a heritage institute: whatever the object, Picturae can portray it using 360-degree photography. In this way, 'digital visitors' to a museum may enjoy all the advantages. Objects may be "removed" from their display cases and viewed from every angle. Geographical distances disappear as visitors take a virtual stroll through a museum gallery.

Object Photography

In 360 degree object photography, a series of digital photographs are taken of an object, one after the other, from different angles. These photos are then edited to create a single digital object so that they may be displayed on a website in 360 degrees. The object may be rotated and each individual image may be viewed in high quality and at a high resolution. The viewer can zoom in on the object, or read accompanying information at any time.

360 Degree Panoramic Shots

In addition to objects, Picturae can also use 360 degree photography to capture rooms and locations such as buildings and parks. These 'round shots' use the same technique as that used in object photography, except here it is the camera that is rotated while the series of digital photos are taken, not the object. When this is done from various angles and positions in the room or space, after the images have been digitally pasted together, it is possible to take a "walk" from one room to the next.


Not only is Picturae extremely experienced in the art of 360 degree photography, we also have the techniques at our disposal to create beautiful presentations for the photos to the general public. For the Teylers Museum, for example, we took 360 degree shots of two of the museum's galleries, including some 750 objects. The objects can be individually viewed, virtually rotated and frozen, so allowing the viewer to enlarge any given image. The Glass Museum had a special request: to enable visitors to view not just one object, but groups of several objects in the museum together, from a 360-degree angle. For every 360 degree photography project, Picturae also creates a customised presentation.