‘World Class Rapid Digitization of Cultural Heritage’
Website methodology


Picturae manages the website construction process, and work to display digitised collections to the public in such a way that the finished product will always be professional, unique and beautiful. Together with Cultural Heritage Institutions, we continually assess which method best suits our client's requirements. Some may already have a clear vision of how they want their website to look, whereas others may prefer to add ideas during the construction process. Both options are possible.

Project strategy

When creating websites our client's wishes are always our priority and it's the client who decides how these wishes should become reality. One of the options available is a pre-determined process in which the final appearance is clear from the outset. It is also possible to select an 'agile approach' which is quicker and more flexible. This option allows the customer to participate actively in the project so that together we can address, and resolve, any difficulties that may arise.


Whichever method is chosen, drawing up a proposal for a website that has not yet been created is always difficult. Fortunately, Picturae has an in-house designer who, at each stage of development, is able to display what the end product should look like.

User friendly

Once the website has been completed, it needs to be filled. Picturae creates websites which are easy to use so texts, menus and other content can easily be modified with a Content Management System (CMS), which does not require any specialised technical knowledge. We prefer to develop websites in Joomla, but of course it is always possible to use other solutions such as Drupal or a custom-made CMS. If extra training in the use of the CMS is required we offer specially designed courses.

Web guidelines

Our websites comply with all technical requirements laid down in the Government Web Guidelines, and all Picturae programmers have the necessary expertise. These guidelines support websites that work well technically, and are user friendly, in addition to their being accessible both to the public, and to search engines.

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