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‘Allerhande’ Browsable Magazine Archive

The Albert Heijn, popularly known as the AH, is a supermarket that has become a household name in the Netherlands. It is now practically impossible to imagine the kitchen of the Dutch housewife without 'Allerhande', the magazine produced by the AH, literally meaning 'all sorts'. Picturae has digitised the old editions of the Allerhande.


Periodical Viewer

Picturae has digitised editions of Allerhande from the period 1954 to 1973, and put them online for the Albert Heijn Heritage Foundation. They may be enjoyed using the Periodical Viewer. Only the most recent editions are in colour, in fact, the Allerhande was formally not a colour magazine full of photographs and recipes, but a newspaper. After 1973 the Allerhande was replaced by 'Ide and Ahuispost', which was available free at the checkout. Allerhande only returned in 1983 in its current form.

In addition to the old Allerhande editions, Christmas and New Year speeches from previous years are available in the viewer, aswell as a number of historical books and editions of the staff magazine 'Flitsen', literally 'Flashes' from 1954 to 2001. This magazine has been known as the AHA since 2001.


Albert Heijn

The Albert Heijn started as a small grocery store in Oostzaan. On May 27, 1887, the 21-year-old Albert Heijn took the shop over from his father. He quickly decided to expand, and opened a branch in Purmerend. By 1910 there were 10 branches, and eight years later he began to sell articles under his own name. The supermarket chain grew, and by 1927, they had 107 branches.

In 1952 Albert Heijn opened the first self-service store in the Netherlands. This was revolutionary: customers could take a basket along the shelves themselves instead of being served. Ahold NV was founded in 1973 and the company continued to expand. In 2001, in addition to ordinary supermarkets, AHXL stores (extra large supermarkets) and 'AH To Go' were opened, the latter especially at stations, in hospitals, and at airports, including Schiphol. The chain now consists of almost 900 supermarkets, as well as the Albert.nl webshop. Albert Heijn, and later Ahold Heijn have also taken over companies including Van Amerongen, Simon de Wit, around 60 C1000 stores, Konmar, some Jumbo supermarkets and Bol.com.