‘World Class Rapid Digitization of Cultural Heritage’
Amsterdam Municipal Archives
Stadsarchief Amsterdam

Digital on Demand

Imagine having to travel the length of the country looking for a document simply because there is no digital copy available. The Amsterdam Municipal Archives have found an effective solution to this problem: "You ask, Picturae digitises!"

32 kilometres of archive

Who determines what is to be digitised from a 32 kilometer long archive? At the Amsterdam Municipal Archives, visitors have their say! Customers of the Municipal Archives indicate which pages they want digitised by the simple pressing of a button, after which the order is passed on to Picturae and the requested items processed.

Archive database: the concept

The Amsterdam Municipal Archives and Picturae work according to a tight schedule that includes two weekly dispatches. The entire digitising process is expected to be completed within two weeks. Every week, Picturae digitises 15,000 documents and uploads them into the archive database. The reliability of scanning services provided by Picturae is such that the Municipal Archives gladly leave the process of verifying completeness, numeration and quality to Picturae.

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