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Martin Roemers | East Wing | Flatland Gallery

Martin Roemers

Martin Roemers is a man of technique, form and content. When looking at his photos one sees visually attractive images – with a lot of attention for different aspects of photographic technique like light, contrast and details – with a message to society, that nevertheless seldomly gets too much emphasis.

Roemers (Netherlands, 1962) studies photography at the art academy AKI in Enschede. In his oeuvre war often is a subject, though Roemers does not frequent frontlines. He watches with the eye of a historian: the consequences of the end of the Cold War, portraits of World War II veterans as well as portraits of contemporary Afghan troops. Since a few years Roemers is working on another project: the worldwide growth of cities, titled Metropolis.

Roemers’ work is shown quite often in exhibitions and printed media in many countries. Twice he was the winner of an award at World Press Photo. Roemers works for the London based agency Panos Pictures. Furthermore his work is represented by Anastasia Photo in New York, East Wing in Doha and Flatland Gallery in Amsterdam.