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Milestone: 300.000 Scans Militia Records!

Picturae's project involving the digitisation of militia records has reached an important milestone on 16 November 2012. At 06:29 hour, scan number 300.000 (of a total of around 328.000 scans) was imported and checked by Grietje Dekker, Loes C and Pieter Kloppenburg. With this milestone, the end comes in sight for this crowdsourcing project, approximately a year and a half after its official start. Picturae wants to thank all the volunteers for their enthusiasm and dedication.

The project

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The database of www.militieregisters.nl/en/ has been assembled thanks to the ongoing efforts of volunteers from the project Many Hands make light work - open archives by crowdsourcing, a project that compiles databases of information from anyone with information to contribute. Many Hands is a crowdsourcing platform which is initiated by the Amsterdam Municipal Archives and developed by Picturae. Many Hands is always looking for volunteers and documents that can help with its projects, and make the information in several databases more complete. The Many Hands website is located at www.velehanden.nl.

This site contains the militia records from seventeen Dutch archives that have been consolidated into a searchable database. The database provides a single index of scanned records for those who served in the Dutch militia between 1814 and 1941. The records are searchable by name, date of birth and place of birth. New records are being added to database all the time, so it is a good idea to make multiple visits until searches are successful.

These militia records contain valuable information for genealogical research as well as details about an ancestor's appearance, occupation, medical condition and, of course, their military service. The records containing this information - which have been scanned by the archives and contributed to the militia records database - are viewable online and available for download. On the moment, more than one and a half million people are searchable on the site. Some volunteers have single handedly imported 10.000 scans! For every scan that someone imports or checks, he or she earns points. With these points they can download scans.

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The project with the militia records will be finished in 2013. The Amsterdam Municipal Archives wants to celebrate this with a party for all the volunteers involved. At the party the volunteers can use the points to buy drinks, snacks, gifts from several archives and tickets for a lottery.