‘World Class Rapid Digitization of Cultural Heritage’

XXL Table Digitises big Treasures

A lot of institutions will recognise the problem: you own special posters, drawings or maps that are too large to show to the public in the library. Picturae has found a way to digitise the extra large items in collections in a way that makes them accessible for a much broader audience on the internet. And there is bonus: people can watch the treasures in higher detail than by looking at the original.

Noord-Hollands Archief

The XXL Table

The XXL table consists of a glass plate and a simple suspension and slide-system for large rolls. This enables Picturae to digitise extremely large originals and make them digitally available. The original is processed at 300 dpi actual size with no danger of distortion. Thanks to the experience and commitment of Picturae safe handling of the valuable original is guaranteed.

The images shown here illustrate the results of this process. Recently Picturae scanned a map of the Dutch city of Haarlem made in 1689, consisting of four sheets on linen, folded, etch and copperplate with a total size of 1.07 by 1.2 metres. Now everybody can watch this in the online imagebank of the archive of the province North-Holland.

You can also download our brochure about the XXL Table.