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With the website Historische Bronnen Brugge (Historical Sources Bruges), Picturae and the Belgium World Heritage City Bruges have brought rare and historically significant books back to life. Each book tells a unique story of the history of Bruges. The project of Picturae and this city has led to the preservation of the books.

Book viewer

Picturae has developed a book viewer for the website. That makes it possible to zoom in to see the smallest details. Each book has been disclosed by multiple keyword lists. The book viewer has become an important and flexible tool for scientific research. To better structure the metadata of the material, Historische Bronnen Brugge uses Memorix Maior, a unique software infrastructure for the purpose of managing digital image collections. After digitizing the valuable book, the originals were safely stored in a vault.

Stadsarchief Brugge

Ovide Moralisé

The most expensive book of the Bruges Public Library is the beautiful book Ovide Moralisé. This medieval version of the Metamorphoses by Ovid has been digitized by Picturae and is accessible for everyone. Picturae was one of the first to successfully digitize Ovide Moralisé.


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Check the Belgium site Historische Bronnen Brugge