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Picturae’s Paris Photo big succes!

Picturae organised a special Paris Photo 2012 edition: Picturae’s Paris Photo. It was a richly filled programme with first-rate photographers at top locations. The event took place in Paris during Paris Photo at Thursday 15 November, Friday 16 November and Saturday 17 November 2012. On Thursday, the event took place at our office that is housed within Magnum Photos in Montmartre. During the Friday we were guests at Institut Néerlandais, which is located at walking distance from the Grand Palais, the location of Paris Photo itself. The programme consisted of round tables, workshops and presentations.


Vera Weterings

On Thursday November 15 Picturae's Paris Photo started with the opening of two beautiful exhibitions in our office which is close to the office of Magnum Photos in Montmartre. You could visit visit the special exhibition 'Middlesex' by the Archive of Modern Conflict. This included the work of Magnum Photographer Bruce Gilden, Kalev Erickson, Antony Cairns and Stephen Gill. Other works by these photographers were exhibited the same week in one of the largest stands of Paris Photo in the Grand Palais. The second exhibition which was shown in the office of Picturae covered a selection of the work by the famous Dutch photographer Kors van Bennekom.


On Friday we were guests of Institut Néerlandais, a beautiful monumental building which is located at walking distance from the Grand Palais, the location of Paris Photo itself. The impressive programme started with a "round table" discussion group, while enjoying delicious macarons, coffee and risotto. Meanwhile, the Dutch portrait photographer Robin de Puy opened her photo studio, where guests could have their picture taken for a small fee. In the afternoon guests could visit the Anima exhibition of Charlotte Dumas, who was there in person to talk about her work. In the evening the biggest event of Picturae's Paris Photo took place: DDK – Paris edition. This was a great succes! During this liveshow the room was filled with people who enjoyed the show, talked about photography or bought interesting books at the book sale.

Vera Weterings


On Saturday a lot of people took the last opportunity to visit the 'Middlesex' and the Kors van Bennekom exhibitions. Lovers of photography came from everywhere to experience Picturae's Paris Photo. In three days more than 250 people visited Picturae's Paris Photo. Picturae enjoyed hosting this event, which may be repeated in the feature...

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