‘World Class Rapid Digitization of Cultural Heritage’

Digitising the Atlas van Stolk

All of an estimated 245,000 photos, prints, drawings and other images that were placed in the Atlas van Stolk are being digitised by Picturae after which they will be opened up on a website with a searchable image bank.

Picturae Atlas van Stolk collection

The collection was started in 1830 by the Rotterdam timber merchant, Abraham van Stolk. Since 1967 it has been on loan to the city of Rotterdam. The collection is one of the three most important image collections in the Netherlands and includes maps and posters as well as illustrations from books.

Digitising on location

The task of digitising is already under way as Picturae has been scanning material on location at the Rotterdam Museum where the Atlas has its own exhibition room. The first 30,000 pictures are expected to have been scanned by the end of next year.