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King Farouk’s clock sold

Time is ticking away and the new year is almost here. Clocks are there for many ages. In London one of the most extraordinary clocks has been sold at the Bonhams Fine Clocks auction. It is a decorated silver-mounted musical table clock once owned by the Egyptian king Farouk. The clock was sold after a long tussle for an above estimate of £385,250 (estimate £150,000 to £250,000).


Farouk was the penultimate King of Egypt and Sudan, succeeding his father, Fuad I of Egypt, in 1936 at the age of sixteen. He lived a luxury life with a dozen of palaces and hundreds of cars.  He also had a rich collection of European watches, clocks and snuff boxes.

This passion for valuable and highly decorated pieces, led to a steep fall in his popularity during the Second World War. While the rest of the country was undergoing the hardships of war, King Farouk resolutely kept his palaces lit and continued in his elaborate lifestyle. The silver musical table clock was one of the most exquisite pieces of his collection. This clock was created by the great designer Jamex Cox in 1766. He was originally a goldsmith, but became famous for his musical clocks and automata.

It is extraordinary that the clock now appears in the auction market. The clock has been in the same family for at least fifty years and has not been seen on the auction market since 1954. Moreover, it’s very special that the clock was sold for 43 % more than estimated.