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Erfgoedarena about the future of Dutch and British museums

The Dutch and British museums associations recently published their agendas. What are the challenges for museums? How do they cope with threats? Are these government devolvement, general austerity, a stronger Europe, demographic development, sustainability – or is it something different? During the Erfgoedarena (Cultural heritage arena) in the Reinwardt Community in Amsterdam yesterday museums associations shared their experiences and explored new possibilities for joint initiatives.

Bruno Postle

Three students began the programme. They pitched their museological research. Marliene Stolker won with her project that is called ‘Rebuilding war-torn societies through heritage, the role of cultural aid organisations in the rehabilitation of cultural heritage in post-conflict areas’. After this, senior advisor Max Meijer took the floor and updated everyone about the visions for the future of the Dutch and British museums associations. This led to an discussions with questions like: does things like collecting, restoring, managing and presenting have experation dates? Do museums have the same future as monuments? Can they only survive after adaptive re-use? How much will the next generation appreciate the collections in the storerooms? Should we considerate their disinterest and pay more attention to heritage education?

The Reinwardt Academie organises every third Wednesday of the month (at 8 pm) the Erfgoedarena, a debate with a big heritage perspective. It takes place in the auditorium of the Academie at the Dapperstraat 315 in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). The topics for these debates were chosen by an programme commision in which representatives of the heritage field have a seat.