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Paris Photo's Private Collection: Collected Shadows

At Paris Photo 2012, The Private Collection exhibition will present work from the Archive of Modern Conflict (AMC). The Private Collection exhibition allows every year to explore the passion, expertise and curiosity of a renowned collector. Paris Photo will this year be held from 15 till 18 November.

Collected Shadows

John Gundlach | AMC

The Archive of Modern Conflict was established 20 years ago in London and contains around 4 million photos including works by many well-known figures, from Gustave le Gray to Boris Mikhailov, as well as thousands of lesser known photographers. Paris Photo 2012 presents for the Private Collection exhibition "Collected Shadows", a selection of stories that through an exploration into the nature of our world will help us to rediscover some of our 'lost shadows'. The exhibition was created with the support of J.P. Morgan, official partner of Paris Photo.

Paris Photo 2012

Paris Photo was created in 1996 and is the most prestigious art fair dedicated to historical and contemporary photography. This fair takes place annually at the Grand Palais in Paris mid-November. Over the past 16 years, Paris Photo has become a significant event for collectors of contemporary and modern art, photography professionals, artists, as well as for a wider audience of art appreciators. Moreover, there are more and more activities in the French capital that rely on the event: the alternative bookfair OffPrint, the alternative gallery exhibition Nofound and many others, such as the special edition of the DDK- Paris edition at the Institut Néerlandais (an initiative of Picturae, the Dutch Photographers Federation and the populair photography website PhotoQ). DDK- Paris edition is part of the three-day event Picturae's Paris Photo.