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Stolen Bejewelled Golden Egg Recovered Near French-Swiss Border

Four years ago a bejewelled golden egg was stolen in Geneva. The egg, worth an estimated one million euros ($1.3 million), has been recovered by French police near the Swiss border. It contains more than a kilogramme of gold and has hundreds of gems, was burgled in 2009 from a Kuwait import-export firm based in Geneva.

The Bejewelled Golden Egg
AFP Photo | Police Nationale

Routine roadblock

The precious egg, made in the style of the famous Faberge pieces, was discovered on Thursday April 11th in a "suspect" BMW pulled over during a routine roadblock near the Swiss border, driven by two Belarusian men who were promptly arrested. A third Belarusian, a Swiss resident, trailing in a Jaguar was pulled over and arrested a short while later, according to a police statement.


Under questioning the three men unconvincingly claimed they had found the jewelled work of art lying on the ground, or had bought it cheaply in a flea-market, a French police official told AFP on condition of anonymity. "They're not talking much. We have the impression we're dealing with a team tasked with transporting and negotiating the sale of the artwork," the official said. The three, aged between 24 and 38, were charged with receiving stolen goods and possessing a weapon. They were already sought in France and Switzerland for several burglaries.