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Possible Pre-Hispanic Dock Found in Veracruz

Mexican archaeologists of the National Institute of Anthropology and History recently found a containment wall, four worship rooms, a circular structure and stucco floors of almost 1,000 years old at the pre Hispanic site of Tabuco, Veracruz. It may well be an antecedent of the Tuxpan port.

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Pre-Hispanic Dock
Maria Eugenia Maldonado | INAH

The site was explored in the 40's by Gordon Ekholm, who made some soundings and determined that the site's occupation dated back to the Protoclassic (100 BC through 250 AD) and the Early Post Classic (900 – 1200 AD) periods. Maria Eugenia Maldonado Vite, who is responsible for the archaeological salvage, said these vestiges correspond most likely to an ancient pier where merchandise and marine traffic were controlled. The first thing that came to light in the excavation area – 60 meters long by 40 meters wide – was a huge dumping site with ceramic and animal remains, obsidian pieces and great quantities of shells and oysters.

Wall, worship rooms, circular structure and stucco floors

In the north-eastern section of the excavation area a wall joined firmly with a sidewalk was found, stuccoed and built with a base of huge stones and conglomerated with ground shells. Parallel to the wall they found three round worship rooms with the same building system located in what could have been one of the entrances to the ceremonial centre from the lagoon. Adjacent to these structures they discovered four pre Hispanic skeletons and one cranium from a later epoch.

In the west side of the excavation they found a circular structure of 15 meters in diameter and 60 centimetres height. This structure is thought to have been a housing spot for the elite because they found a hearth in the topmost part. They also found a small staircase and a ramp on the southern part of the structure. This ramp leads to a stucco floor which, judging by its location, could be part of a pre Hispanic pier.

ArtDaily: Mexican archaeologists find what may possibly be a pre-hispanic dock in Veracruz