‘World Class Rapid Digitization of Cultural Heritage’

Website Provides Cultural Subjects Mapped

The website www.myreadingmapped.blogspot.nl – that contains maps which combines art and history - provides maps with an overview of for example train crashes, important discoveries, battles like the American Civil War and ancient ruins. The life of artists are also being mapped on the website.

The life and art of the Dutch artists Vincenth van Gogh is now mapped in Google Maps. The map shows the actual houses, inns, workplaces, boarding houses, and painting locations that influenced van Gogh. Moreover, many of his paintings with either the actual location portrayed in the painting or the city or town that inspired the painting a pointed in the map. Finally also a few of his letters to his brother Theo and his friend E. Bernard are findable on the map. The letters of Van Gogh were digitalised by Picturae.

The website presents historical and art subjects in a new way to the public.

You can find the interactive map of the life and work of Van Gogh here.

Interested in the letters of Van Gogh? You can read them here.