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Mayan Calender ends with no apocalypse in sight

Today - December 21, 2012 - marks the end of the 13th baktun of the Mayan Long Calendar, which supposedly signals the end of times and the obliteration of the planet Earth. Across the globe people were last night converging to witness the apocalypse at special sites, including Mayan ruins, Stonehenge, Stalin's bunker in Moscow, Byron Bay in Australia, and a sacred mountain in France.


But in the French town of Bugarach and the Turkish village of Sirince, where - according to doomsayers - people will be offered refuge from the impending catastrophe, the streets were not teeming with new age mystics but with hundreds of journalists.

Most people, under which many modern Mayans, of whom there are about six million, have repeatedly rubbished claims that the ancient Mayas predicted the demise of Earth on this day, explaining that the end of their calendar simply means a new cycle will begin. The end of the Mayan calendar have unleashed many predictions that the world is about to end - but today true believers were few.

For those less optimistic, an "official" website in the United States has collected links to all the doomsday articles and videos Internet users can consume. December212012.com also offers tips on survival and advertisements for the needed gear -- from gas masks to first aid kits and hand-crank radios.