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Winner DDK-Paris Edition Opens Exhibition in Cologne

Photographer Isabelle Pateer was one of the six pitchers at DDK- Paris edition during Picturae’s Paris Photo 2012. More than thirthy-five photographers replied and were carefully reviewed. Pateer pitched her project and won. She received a cheque of € 1.000,- from Picturae for her photo project Unsettled. This evening the exhibition Unsettled will open in Galerie Lichtblick in Cologne (Germany).

Isabelle Pateer
Vera Weterings


Unsettled is a project which Pateer has been working on since 2007. These large-scale colour photographs show a combination of landscape and industrial expansions of new docks and warehouses. She illustrates this by a series of photos of the village Doel. Doel is threatened by the industrial growth of the port of Antwerp. The former inhabitants have left the village, what makes the area a beautiful setting where nature and culture are in special contrast with each other. The project focuses in a metaphoric way on the worldwide phenomenon of industrial expansions and its consequences.

Isabelle Pateer

Pateer lives and works in The Netherlands and Belgium. She is graduated in Visual Arts, Photography St. Lukas Brussels in 2003. Earlier projects of her were Panoptic (2005), Artists (2002-2007) and Room 26.10.12 (2008-2009). She also makes pictures for companies, magazines and organisations like Starbucks, Elle, Porsche and Nespresso.

Unsettled is on show from 1 November until 2 December 2013 at Galerie Lichtblick in Cologne (Germany).