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Digital Asset Management

File management

Sooner or later, every National Heritage Institution has to deal with them: digital files, in all formats and sizes, and the question they always need to answer is, "How do I save and organise these files in such a way that they can be used as easily in the future as they can today?" Picturae's Data Asset Management (DAM) system, the result of many years of practical experience in the field of digital National Heritage reproduction, provides the perfect solution.


Picturae's DAM system connects seamlessly with the Memorix Maior collection management system. It is powerful, very reliable, and has been designed according to the highest international standards. It is also directly connected to one of the best filing systems available. Operating within Memorix Maior, the system is used for filing entire digital collections, from photographs, prints, archive documents, films and audio files (PDF(A)) to files and documents created in Microsoft Office Excel and Word. The DAM system even enables you to digitally save the same files in different formats.

Web version

Once you have saved your files in the DAM system, you can immediately apply those files to your collections. The system is capable of automatically creating website versions of a wide range of file types. Each file can be provided with the necessary metadata in order for you to retrieve it when it is not being used in your collection. In addition, the Memorix DAM system has been designed to interact with various other storage applications such as e-Depots.

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