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Collection management

Picturae has developed  a unique software infrastructure specifically for the purpose of managing digital image collections: Memorix Maior. This specialised application is the result of more than ten years of experience in the National Heritage sector. The software is, of course, continuously updated according to the latest developments, so as to provide the entire sector with the best possible service.

Structure and simplicity

Digital collections are often as diverse as they are complex, containing countless numbers of photographs, documents and films. Picturae stores your precious digital possessions in its Data Asset Management (DAM) system, one of, if not the most reliable storage systems available. Once all files have been safely stored in the system, you must of course, be able to manage and organise them as efficiently as possible. Metadata also has to be managed in order for the contents of your files to be made easily accessible to your audience. Picturae has developed Memorix Maior, an extensive and highly efficient digital image management system for this purpose. You can use Memorix Maior to manage your collections wherever there is an Internet connection.

Customised configuration

The Memorix architecture is based on open source technology and allows for an unlimited number of users and licenses. One of the many advantages of the system is that you can provide access to any group of volunteers during projects. Picturae always configures the application to meet your specific requirements, with the functionalities essential to your collection. The software is designed to permanently link you to the latest developments in digital image management.  It also gives you access to the customer portal of Memorix, in which questions, complaints and ideas are effectively dealt with. The portal also provides web-related statistics and the latest news, and features a helpdesk and a Memorix user forum.


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Collection management - memorix Maior

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