‘World Class Rapid Digitization of Cultural Heritage’


Managing large digital collections places special demands on storage capacity. The volume of digital databases alone is often many times larger than what a standard server can handle. Safe, stable storage is essential if the administrators are to have piece of mind.


A collector's worst nightmare would be the irretrievable loss of all of the carefully digitised and stored data. Consequently, high-quality data storage must always have a back-up of the same high quality, for which we use a redundant setup.Our primary system is located in a data centre in Amsterdam and the secondary system, used as a back-up, is located at our own data centre in Heiloo. In other words, the facility in Heiloo stores a complete copy of the primary system.


All data on the Amsterdam system is constantly copied directly to the system in Heiloo and is stored there via Picturae's own fibre connection. These stable, secure storage facilities are what make high-speed, flexible access to all data possible, via websites.  Ultimately, our aim is to ensure the continual availability of all digital collections at any time of day, and to guarantee security.


Picturae's webstorage, or 'publication storage', offers the solution for the storage of data, images and documents that needs to be directly accessible through websites, image banks and databases.  For this we work together with NetApp, a world leading webstorage provider. For all applications where images are shown, a decreased version of the original file is used, as the motherfile is too large for proper use. With the help of NewSouth Innovations / Kakadu Software, we use JPEG2000 to decrease or compromise the images. JPEG2000 is the new standard for compromised images and is very usable for long-term storage.

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