‘World Class Rapid Digitization of Cultural Heritage’
Picturae Data Centre


At Picturae, everything centres around the reliable storage of, and creating accessibility to, digital collections, however, the organisation whose collection needs to be stored often does not possess the necessary storage space. Our websites allow our clients to make their image collections available for the world to enjoy, both effectively and reliably.

Fast and reliable

In the modern world, information has to be accessible 24 hours a day. As Picturae manages its own comprehensive infrastructure, it doesn't rely on others. Our approach and facilities enable us to provide the best solutions, quickly and reliably.

Millions of connections

The architecture of our infrastructure is highly intelligent. All visitors to our websites, our image archives or any other application are automatically re-routed to the (web)servers with the least traffic. This guarantees a reliable connection and an efficient service. During the launch of the image archive created by Picturae for World Press Photo we were able to effectively deal with millions of connections an hour.