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Scanning on demand

Scanning on demand

Picturae offers Scanning on Demand, in which an entire collection is digitised piece by piece over a long period of time on the basis of a detailed agreement that  is drawn up between a collection owner or manager and Picturae. The entire concept is based on flexibility and continuous, reliable mutual cooperation.


Cooperating to create a detailed Scanning on Demand agreement is far more advantageous than working on an ad hoc basis. This saves time and money and means that both Picturae and our clients can enjoy the security of knowing exactly what is expected in terms of methods, procedures and long-term results. The agreed workflow is simply repeated periodically, and both parties benefit from predefined quality agreements, fixed contact personnel, fixed price agreements and a consistent transport process.

Amsterdam Municipal Archives

The Amsterdam Municipal Archives have perfected their system to the point that all public requests are dealt with via Scanning on Demand. Each week, two chests full of archive material are picked up from the Amsterdam Municipal Archives by Picturae. The digital files are delivered two weeks later. What makes the system work so efficiently in this case is a bar code system used in the archives and a fully automated work flow management system at Picturae. In excess of 750,000 images are expected to be added to the digital collections of the Municipal Archives this year alone.

Army museum

Each month, a selection of various types of originals is transported to and from the Army Museum in Delft. Since clear agreements were made as to the manner in which each type has to be processed, the entire selection can be dealt with immediately. In this way the various digital collections beloning to the Army Museum are extended. 

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