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Metamorphosis, or μεταμόρφωσις, is the Greek term for transformation. Reminiscent of Biology and of Ovid's Metamorphoses, this term has been used by the National Heritage Sector to denominate the Metamorfoze subsidy programme. The object of this programme is to preserve and digitise that part of our national heritage that has been committed to paper. As Ovid was able to preserve part of the world's rich history through his poetry, so Metamorfoze aims to preserve our cultural heritage in a digitised form.


Metamorfoze is a collaborative venture between the Netherlands National Library and the National Archives, funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Up to 70 per cent of the budget required for the digitising project is provided by this programme, leaving heritage institutions the task of providing the remaining 30 per cent. Since 2014 Metamorfoze will finance 100 per cent. The budget is then prepared based on hours and standard rates. Every National Heritage Institution in the Netherlands is eligible for subsidy under the Metamorfoze programme, provided all the criteria that are met. One of these norms is that the applying institution must comply with the Metamorfoze Preservation Imaging Directives; that is that each digital reproduction is required to reflect the physical and substantial characteristics of the original as closely as possible. The digital copy will, after all, serve as a replacement of the original as soon as this is hidden from view.

Quality Assurance

Picturae is one of the few companies that comply with the strict directives, and therefore one of the few permitted to digitise Metamorfoze projects. We are pleased to accept this valuable acknowledgement of our extremely high digitising standards. Even without a Metamorfoze subsidy, however we provide the means for material to be digitised in accordance with one of the three quality levels specified in the directives: Metamorfoze, Metamorfoze Light and Metamorfoze Extra Light. All Picturae digitising systems are designed to comply with the Metamorfoze directives.

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