‘World Class Rapid Digitization of Cultural Heritage’
Michelangelo | Teylers Museum
Michelangelo | Teylers Museum

2D Digitising

In recent years, demand for paper documents has shifted towards a demand for digital documents. We are increasingly able to delve into history on the internet, and even visiting a museum is no longer limited to the building itself. Everything, from paintings and documents to maps and prints, can be found and admired on the Internet. Picturae digitises these flat objects in such a way as to accurately reproduce and preserve the characteristics of the original as well as the information it contains.

From Analogue to Digital

Agendas, minutes, files, letters, deeds, photographs and paintings, Picturae can digitise them all! Such originals are often too valuable or too vulnerable to be on public display, which is why it is important to make highly accurate digital reproductions of them. Each reproduction must faithfully replicate the characteristics of the original, from the colouring to the grain-structure. The finished reproduction should trigger the same emotional response as the original version.

Customised Digitising

Whatever the purpose of digital reproduction may be, whether for use online or as a means of substitution, Picturae always provides a tailor-made plan. The high speed of digitising and the preservation of quality go firmly hand in hand. We work with a quality assurance system compliant with the Metamorphosis standard, meaning that we provide a level of quality that very few companies can attain.  Picturae takes responsibility for the entire digitising process, and can also create reliable links to databases and search engines, so ensuring traceability.

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Digitising 2D

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