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Museum Services

Museum Services

When a museum chooses to reorganise their collection, this is the perfect time to improve its state of preservation, and to digitise it, so that it may be consulted online. That is the reason that Crown Fine Art and Picturae have joined forces.

Museum Services

Together, Picturae and Crown Fine Art have created an innovative, integrated package to deal with your collection:

  • condition report
  • packaging
  • transport
  • conservation
  • digitisation
  • storage
  • online access

Crown Fine Art

Crown Fine Art is responsible for moving, restoring and preserving collections within this innovative package. Crown Fine Art has years of experience as a specialist in the field of art transport, and of course has access to appropriate packaging and specially equipped transport.

If the client wishes, a condition report may be made in which both text and images are used to record any damage to an art collection, and how it should be treated. This is done using Picturae's quality management tool, Delt.ae. The report is prepared by restorers with whom Picturae and Crown Fine Art work in partnership.

In addition, Crown Fine Art restorers can play an important role in preserving, protecting and improving the physical condition of museum collections. Crown Fine Art also has a large deposit that meets museum standards in terms of climate control, security and Integrated Pest Management.


Within the project, Picturae covers everything related to digitising, enriching and sharing art collections. Picturae has years of experience in the digitisation of many different types of originals, including, as in the case of the Oval Room of the Teyler Museum, a complete museum hall! The digitised collection may then be stored with ease in our collection management system, Memorix Maior, and additional information, metadata, added.

Enhancing your digitised collection with the correct descriptions provides a clear overview. It is also possible to choose whether to display your entire collection on a public website or just a part, allowing anyone, anywhere, to enjoy your collection with ease from a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Picturae can then manage the digitised files for you in private, environmentally friendly storage.

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Museum Services