‘World Class Rapid Digitization of Cultural Heritage’


The importance of conserving and making cultural heritage accessible to the public is obvious to everyone. Despite this, however, funding remains a challenge because the heritage sector is traditionally financed by subsidies, which are continually being reduced. Picturae has built up a vast amount of know-how and experience in finding new sources, so we are well placed to help our clients raise alternative funds.

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When we think about funding, we usually think in terms of subsidies. Picturae, however, has amassed knowledge and experience in the area of alternative funding, and we are more than happy to help our clients with this.


It can be beneficial to have the end-user contribute part of the funding. For companies that would like their brand to be associated with specific heritage institute collections there are attractive tax breaks at their disposal. There is even the option of deploying the wider public. This happened in the case of the VeleHanden crowdsourcing project when the general public lent a hand opening up collections. You can also rent our hardware at low cost to provide a long-term solution to storing and unlocking your digital collection as well as maintaining its accessibility. 

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