‘World Class Rapid Digitization of Cultural Heritage’


In order to give each digitising project the best chance of succeeding, Picturae works together with the client to examine the objectives. This way both parties can make it clear at the outset what they expect from each other and which options are open to them, which leads to a solid working relationship and leads to the succesful completion of the project.


In the initiation phase we discuss your plans for your collection after digitisation, the need to reach specific target groups, and whether you wish to use volunteers to add metadata to the collecton. It is important that these, ans similar pratical matters are dealt with in order to find out exactly what you require. Clear communication in the early stages leads to increased changes of project succes.


It is also important to us to know what you think would make the project a succes, that way we can channel our time and energy as effectively as possible. Picturae offers the complete package: from finding new forms of funding, digitising and managing your collection to its enrichment and placement in the marketplace. Whatever is needed to achieve your goals becomes clear in this phase. Should our offer not match your wishes then we'll develop it for you, and in fact, many of our products have come into being this way.

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