‘World Class Rapid Digitization of Cultural Heritage’
Picturae Headquarters in Heiloo
Jessy Visser | Picturae

Our company

It all started with a photographic studio. Since it began in 1998, Picturae has simply kept on getting bigger. In 2001 we started working with database development; then things really started to take off in 2005. We have since become a large and financially healthy company in the heritage sector, which is rather unique. This has enabled us to work with the latest techniques and guarantee safe storage of your material. We are always looking for ways to improve in innovation, Research & Development, and service.


Now that we are firmly anchored in the Dutch heritage field, with offices in Heiloo and Utrecht, we are able to gradually increase our presence in Europe. In Belgium, you can find us in Brussel, and we opened our Paris branch in May 2012. Our offices abroad carry the Picturae DNA, but it is the country that determines the culture, so we always speak the language of our clients.

Innovation 'made to measure'

For more than ten years we have been leading the way in the world of digitising cultural heritage. We have everything under one roof, but we can also digitise on location. We enjoy completing the standard jobs, but we are also highly innovative, and as a result we have already developed numerous technical solutions in direct response to our clients' wishes. Nothing pleases us more than when a client requires something new; something different!


In cultural heritage we look for what is different. Just as a small child constantly marvels at the world around them, we examine every request with an open mind and keep on asking questions. Sometimes our clients find this strange, but it allows us t oensure we know exactly what they want, and can offer a solution appropriate to their needs.


Despite our international ambitions, we will continue to innovate and invest in the Dutch heritage sector. As such we are able to offer municipalities a complete 'culture portal' which is evidenced by successful projects such as Alle Friezen. Our strength lies in our non-conventional digitisation methods and our staff development, but above all in our honest and open attitude towards clients.