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Cultural heritage events

Picturae will continue to invest in the cultural heritage world. We plan to do this by actively taking part in cultural heritage events and by organising events of our own. Our aim is to provide individuals and institutions with a platform for their collections. Through our events, we also hope to have the opportunity to introduce various (digital) developments to our clients, partners and general public, and to discuss their influence on the cultural heritage world.

DDK - Paris Photo
Vera Weterings

Paris Photo

Paris Photo is the biggest photography event in the world. As part of this, Picturae organised Picturae's Paris Photo in November 2012, an impressive event with exhibitions, seminars and workshops from first-rate photographers at amazing locations in Paris. Amonst others, Picturae worked together with the renowned Archive of Modern Conflict. During the event, new photographers also had the opportunity to show their work.