Preserving collections

You'll want to store your newly digitized archive in a safe and dependable manner. You'll also want an online platform that is protected in accordance with laws and regulations, and with which you can easily share the collection.

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Safe, certified and sustainable

Digital Preservation

We offer a digital preservation solution for digitally archived materials. Our full digital preservation system - based on OAIS - is processed through our IT infrastructure. E-depot consists of multiple software elements that we offer as 'Software as a Service' (SaaS). The heart of solution is the open-source application, Archivematica. Picturae is an expert in Archivematica, which was developed by Artefactual. Our team uses Dutch laws and regulations as a roadmap in developing modules for the application. The digital preservation solution is compatible with any existing workflow, and connects seamlessly with various DMS Collection management systems. The solution meets all requirements for CTS certification.

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memorix dam
Smart storage and management

Memorix DAM

After digitization, the records are stored indefinitely in our secure Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. This is a completely web-based process that routes through our hosting platform. This saves you high costs in servers and network facilities. You'll also want your records to be accessible, of course. And for this, we have developed our own collection management system: Memorix. Our software is kept up to date with the current needs and expectations of the heritage sector.

Maximized optimization 

Open Source

A solid foundation and the opportunity to optimize future endeavors will yield the maximum result. The Memorix collection management system was developed to be based in open source technology and modern software development principles. The functional code, Kotlin, is the basis from which we've structured these processes.

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Fast and familiar

Storage and hosting

Picturae is a one-stop shop for your collection and archive management needs. We digitize, store, manage, and enrich items to their highest quality, with great speed and in accordance with all laws and regulations. We ensure quick access to our clients' collections via websites, image banks and databases. Our customers choose to place their trust in us as the storage and hosting provider with the most expertise in the security of digital​ cultural heritage. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities!