Managing collections

How do you keep a digital collection safe? How do you ensure that your digital archive remains searchable and is in use for years to come? Picturae tackles these big questions, designs solutions, and brings you peace of mind. 

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Collections with global impact


Along with our clients, we too want to maximize the impact of their collections. How can we begin to achieve this? By using our collection management system, Memorix. 

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An exchange of archives

Linked Open Data

The management of an archive or collection is truly custom work. We don't see isolated collections, but a collection as a part of a worldwide network of information. Objects in Memorix are described in such a way that they are highly searchable, and understandable for third parties. Stay connected to share concepts, data and research. Our data is designed to be linked and shared. 

A collection packed with information

Data enrichment

Stories from history are brought to life with the addition of vibrant details. After digitization, collections can be enriched using metadata, text recognition (OCR), barcoding identification, or machine learning (AI) to enhance the viewers' experience. In 2011, Picturae developed an optional transcription crowdsourcing platform: VeleHanden.nl, or HeritageHelpers.co.uk. A large pool of volunteers are available to describe photos, transcribe manuscripts or enter other data, all from their home computer. 

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