We are always digitizing herbarium specimens. Thanks to our innovative solutions and team of experienced and enthusiastic colleagues, we can digitize herbaria anywhere in the world! We achieve this with our signature combination of specialized knowledge, and high tech customization.

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Proven workflow

Quality Assurance 

The physical material is given a barcode as part of the digitization workflow. The subsequent images captured are checked and validated in real time using our intuitive software. We are able to accurately assess levels of color profiles, sharpness and depth. Upon request, we can also enrich the records with metadata for optimal use in databases. This makes it as easy as possible to locate and share digital specimens.

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Anywhere in the world

Digitizing on location

The digitization studio in Heerhugowaard is the heart of Picturae. However, we are also able to digitize on location anywhere in the world. We work on-site with museums and institutions in Belgium, France, the United States and Australia, to name a few. When we organize a project to be digitized on location, you save on transport fees and minimize concerns for the integrity of the fragile material. We will customize the design and planning of your unique digitization solution, and will work closely with your collection specialists.

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Millions of specimens accessible for research

With its outstanding collection of 37 million biological and geological objects, Naturalis is one of the top 5 biodiversity centers in the world. They receive ongoing research requests from the Netherlands and abroad. Picturae has unlocked Naturalis' entire herbarium collection of 5 million specimens using conveyor belt digitization technology.

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Making contributions to data-drive research 

The impact of a digital botanical garden

By making natural history materials digitally accessible, scientists can research herbarium collections anywhere, anytime. They can view images and associated label information instantly. Joint research will contribute new insights to fields like climate change, health and food safety. We are proud to participate in the international consortium, ICEDIG, standing for  innovation and consolidation in the large scale digitization of natural heritage. This ensures Europe, and Picturae, as a frontrunner in the data-driven research of natural history collections.‚Äč