1.8 million scans are captured annually to help create our collective National Memory

National Archives of the Netherlands

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National Archives of the Netherlands

Making the seemingly impossible, possible - this is the type of challenge that Picturae loves! 1.8 million images are currently being captured each year at the Dutch National Archives. This massive national archive - dating back to 1820 - consists of more than 125 kilometers of photos, drawings and maps. This impressive historical collection provides valuable insights into Dutch history. Picturae’s experience and innovative planning led to the perfect digitization solution for this particular collection, as well as a solid plan for enriching it with metadata.

A very special project

The largest public tender from the government for a digitization project so far

This project is unique in many ways. First, we had to manage planning for the digitization of a wide variety of material formats representing a wealth of information about Holland’s collective national history. There were also rules and procedures set forth by the National Archives for Picturae to comply with. Picturae specially built a separate, air-conditioned space to meet the required storage conditions for housing the Archive’s materials, for example. This is typical here at Picturae, where we are willing to go above and beyond for our clients. We will do what it takes to not only deliver the best possible results, but to also ensure that our client is happy and comfortable with each step along the way. 

800px nationaal archief den haag
The project is coming along well...

Delivering consistent, quality results

Although this massive digitization assignment remains ongoing, large quantities of the collection have already been digitized and delivered - complete with relevant metadata! The quality of each of the 1,800,000 images captured each year is continuously monitored, and has never suffered under the project’s stringent policies and conditions. In addition, we meet regularly with National Archives team members to assess their satisfaction and to go over the project’s progress. Over the coming years we will continue to work alongside the National Archives with enthusiasm, and with our signature knowledge and expertise, until all of the collections are accessible and profound historical insights are unlocked.