April 28th: Webinar about the Contact Sheet method

05 April 2016 751

Thursday, April 28th, 3:00-4:00PM CEST Picturae will be presenting in a webinar how to unlock your transparent archive using the contact sheet method.


Unlocking the transparent archive: Digitization of Negatives and Slides - the 'ContactSheet Method'.


In the history of modern photography mankind has accumulated an enormous collection of photographic material. A large part of this collection consists of transparent material (e.g. Glass plate, acetate, nitrate, celluloid based material and slides). Most of the time only a selection was made from this material. By now it's clear that this material isn't going to last forever. In search for a cost effective way of preserving this material we can use digital equipment to make a copy. Technology has made such huge advancements in resolution and color accuracy that we are able to put it to our advantage. Having gained a wealth of experience in a Dutch project called 'Images for the Future' (the digitization of over 2 million transparent images) we are ready for the next step in large scale digitization of transparent photographic material. 


During this Webinar Picturae will present this innovative method and explain how crowdsourcing is involved for adding metadata to the digitized results.


Curious? Join this unique webinar on April 28th.