Picturae digitizes Norwegian Herbarium in Heiloo

20 January 2016 943

In 2014 the Natural History Museum at the University of Oslo was looking for a service provider for the digitization and transcription of their herbarium collections. The choice was made to work with Picturae for this project. 


The Natural History Museum contains a herbarium collection of about 1.5 million specimens. The Herbarium Digistreet that Picturae developed for Naturalis Biodiversity Center was again used for this project together with our transcription workflow. Up to today Picturae has digitized over 750.000 specimens and transcribed 270.000 herbarium labels. 


The biggest challenge within this project was this time the transportation of the specimens from Oslo to Heiloo and vice versa. Six trucks were needed to perform the job. The next challenge within this framework agreement: the digitization of the Natural History Museums’ capsule collection! To be continued…


You can find more information about our herbarium digitization services on our dedicated page.